Tip a Tweet
— Iamsterdam

The people of Amsterdam is known for their bad service. This is our tip on how to give the staff on restaurants, bars and cafes a reason to put some more heart and effort into their chai-flat-white-mochachino-latte → made by Anders and Carl


Fuel TV
— Nike

23 percent of the UK population is obese and this number is estimated to rise to an alarming 30 percent in 2020. Connect your Nike Fuelband with the biggest sports channel in England: Skysports. The more fuel you earn, the more free sports events you can unlock. Get motivated by your idols to move more. Pay with your sweat instead of your money  Made by Carl

Bronze — Young Guns Award 2013, Digital Campaigns 


Donate Space
— Dropbox

Deforestation is one of the main reasons for the decreasing number of tigers. The physical space for tigers is getting smaller each day. 

This idea is a new feature to Dropbox which makes it possible for Premium users to donate space they are not using to wild tigers, and being a part of saving the natural habitat of the last 3200 tigers currently living in the wild.  Made by Anders and Carl

Silver — Young Glory 2013


— Mer

Mer is a Coca-Cola owned soft drink that only exists on the swedish market. Mer wanted us to come up with a tactical campaign idea to raise brand awareness and engage their target audience: teenagers. We created a simple, fun, and social game where you compete for a free bottle of Mer. → Made by Anders


Music Magnet
— Spotify

A Hyper Island project in collaboration with Spotify Business. Our brief was to make a communication piece to showcase the opportunities for small businesses to brand themselves through music.

The Music Magnet is an app that lets you collect every song you hear from a Spotify account. You can then see when and where you heard the music. Different filters let you create unique musical journeys → Made by Carl


Digital Donor Card

In the developed world where most smartphones are sold, studies show that 90 percent of people would register as an organ donor.

This is a digital donor card. Pre-installed on your smartphone, it can be filled in or edited wherever and whenever you feel the urge  Carl

Shortlist — The Bees Awards 2013